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HAUME Pearl Diamond Queen Bee Brooch

HAUME Pearl Diamond Queen Bee Brooch

HAUME Pearl Diamond Queen Bee Brooch in Platinum.

Fine jewelry has an incredible history of capturing nature at its best - and this whimsical HAUME Pearl Diamond Queen Bee Brooch is no exception. Haume's version of the Queen Honey Bee features a remarkable swollen pearl of iridescent baby blue; 18mm in size. Top portion of the jewel boasts a crown of white diamond bead-set pave, approx. 0.93 carats in total. In addition, the empress holds two royal rubies as eyes, approx. 0.15 cts.

Arguably the most charming additions are custom carvings fashioned into wings from minimally engraved solid Quartz. The forewings of honeybees have flight as the main function and cooling as a secondary role. Therefore, the artist's choice of using ice-clear wings that feel lightweight and conjure cool is certainly opportune.

Length of brooch measures approx. 1.50" by 0.70" with wingspan of 2.35" total width.

Includes "PT950" hallmarks and Signed "Haume"; circa 1990's.


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