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HAUME Pearl Sapphire Necklace Earrings Suite

HAUME Pearl Sapphire Necklace Earrings Suite

15-17mm HAUME Pearl Sapphire Necklace Earrings Suite; fashioned in 18k White Gold by Adria de Haume.

The first piece in this suite is an incredibly rich string of pearls. Dark cascading rounds, peppered with beads of multi-colored sapphires are two elements that convey a contemporary twist to an otherwise classic pearl necklace. The origin of these pearls is most likely a mix of Tahitian and/or South Sea. Range of color is superb and features iridescent tones of dark blue grey to sea foam green - with contrasting colors in baby blue to lavender light grey. White gold baubles with orbiting sapphire pave float in between this spectrum- reflecting the colors from the pearls themselves. This HAUME Pearl Sapphire Necklace Ear Clips Suite measures 15-17mm each pearl/bauble. Necklace length is approx. 24".

The matching convertible on-the-ear clips allow for two different looks. The first is a set of studs that highlight exceptionally round pearls in an indulgent sea foam green. Secondly, a sapphire pave bead - mirrored from the necklace - can be attached to extend the length of the earring and bring the piece from day wear into evening. Colors include pink ombre to royal blues with speckles of rainbow. We love a modern pearl look that incorporates dark and stormy tones with pops of color.

Ear clips are 1 1/2" long which includes detachable bauble. Signed "Haume"; circa 1990's.


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